Wednesday, 12 July 2017 17:55

Ash-e Reshteh

Before I explain Ash-e Reshteh, I must mention this point that what’s called Ash in Iranian cuisine is a food looking like a thick soup, mainly consisting of herbs and legumes. It’s the same for Ash-e Reshteh. What’s more here is reshteh, a kind of Persian noodle. This soup is one of the most delicious, popular, and well known ones among Iranian soups, and is more preferred in winter.

Saturday, 08 July 2017 14:22


It dates back to hundreds of years ago when Iranians made this food called Dizi. The reason for such naming is that people traditionally cooked and served it in small stone dishes called Dizi. It’s actually the name of the container. Iranian traditional restaurants still use these stone dishes for this food.